Perceptive Content Document Views and Filters

This article explains how to view Documents that are stored in Perceptive Content, and use Filters to modify the list of documents. Shared Views and Filters are created centrally by Information Technology, individual users can also create personal filters within Views (some are restricted, depending on content.) Visibility of documents to view is restricted by a user’s role and permissions.

 Instructions for using Views and Filters

Begin by logging into Perceptive Content with your Valpo short username and password.

  1. From the main menu, select Documents

    1. image-20240529-154758.png

  2. The left-hand menu will display the Document Views available to you.

    1. List of Document Views, with an arrow showing an example View to click on.

  3. Click on the Document View that you want to see

  4. Documents that are selected by that View will appear in a list on the screen

    1. You can sort the list of documents by any visible column by clicking on the column. If you would like to sort in the opposite direction, click again.

  5. If a filter is available, there will be a carrot icon to the left of the View

    1. Click the carrot to expand to see the filters

    2. Select the filter you want to use (if there are multiple)

    3. Some filters will run automatically, others may have a selection prompt

      1. If prompted, enter your search selection, then click the blue Search button.

Note: When searching by person’s name, the protocol is Last Name, First Name. You can generally enter just a partial last name to begin your search.