Provide Captioning of Instruction

Closed-captioning may be a required accommodation for a student with a documented disability. Providing captioning is beneficial for many students and a best practice in Universal Design for Learning (UDL). As a result of precautions for COVID-19, including wearing face masks and greater distancing in classrooms, captioning will be even more important as a resource for students who may experience extra difficulty in hearing and comprehending spoken information. This includes for in-person instruction. Please consult with the Access and Accommodation Resource Center staff if you have questions about meeting a student's accommodation needs, or with VITAL about further resources available.

Resources and Options for providing captioning across instructional delivery methods


Asynchronous Online

  • Screencast-O-matic - recordings in Screencast-O-Matic can be captioned in a number of ways. See this tutorial to get started

Synchronous Online * Online Hybrid * Mixed Hybrid * Live-Stream

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