Unmerge Blackboard Courses

FOR BLACKBOARD ADMINISTRATORS: Merging 2-4 sections of an instructor's course is one of the most common service tickets that is received in the CITAL/Blackboard project through the JIRA ticketing system, particularly at the beginning of a semester and near the end of a semester, as this is the window that most instructors take advantage of to prepare for upcoming classes.

Being familiar with the course merge process will allow the CITAL (Center for Innovation in Teaching, Assessment & Learning) team to resolve this type of service ticket promptly. 


This page is retired. 

Sometimes courses need to be unmerged or separated. This is a step-by-step guide for a Blackboard Administrator.

1. Click on system admin. 2. click courses. 3. search for course name. 4. verify status of parent and child courses

courses example

5. hover over a child's course ID 6. click chevron arrow

7. click separate on the menu

8. click the button remove parent. 9. click submit.

10. the following message will display

11. repeat steps 1-5 12. verify status

jira ticket system response