How to Upload and Submit Documents to Financial Aid from Self-Service

Log into your Google account (gmail, etc.) before beginning

  1. Log into DataVu at (username and temporary password on aid offer)
  2. Click on Financial Aid Self Service link
  3. Click “Complete Required Documents” link under checklist
  4. Under the Attachments column click on “Manage” to upload your document
  5. Click on “Choose File”
  6. Choose your document to submit and click on “Upload” (There will be a pop-up confirming receipt of document) 

Please note, you will see “Pending Review” under the status column once the document has been
successfully uploaded. If for any reason you uploaded the incorrect document, simply click on
“Manage,” to find the garbage can and resubmit the correct document. When the Office of Financial
Aid reviews the document, the status will update to “Complete.” Please contact the Office of Financial
Aid if you have any questions.