Add Proxy Access to your Valpo Accounts for a Parent or Guest

Adding, changing, or removing access to your Valpo Financial Aid, Student Account, and Academic information for proxy/guest users. 

Many students receive requests for their parents and other relatives to have access to their Student Data while they are enrolled. These include access to paying a bill or reviewing grades or reviewing financial aid packages. The FERPA regulations require that a student expressly waive their rights under those laws in order to grant that protected information.  The student can allow all access, limited access, or rescind those permissions at any time.

Step-by-step guide to allowing Proxy (Parent/Guest) Access

Logging in from

  • Log into your Google account (gmail, etc.) before beginning

  • Select the Proxy/Guest Access link under the Student & Alumni Records heading

  • Select Allow Parent/Guest Access

Adding Proxy with Self-Service

If you are already in Self-Service, you can add Proxy/Guest users from here in two ways:

  • Click on your username in the upper right corner for the View/Add Proxy Access dropdown

  • Select the User Options menu from the left panel icons, then select View/Add Proxy Access

Selecting Proxy (Parent/Guest) Users

  • On the View/Add Proxy Access Screen under the Add a Proxy menu, choose Select a Proxy

  • The drop-down list will be pre-populated with known connections already in the system

  • You may select one of these people, or Add Another User


When you click on the person's name, their Email Address and their relationship to you will appear.

If user has an INCORRECT EMAIL address

Please contact with corrected email address prior to adding proxy user. This will ensure that the new user receives information to access their account.

Adding User email Address

  • If the user you select does not already have an email address on file, you will be prompted to add and confirm one.

Adding Another (New) User

  • If you select Add Another User you will be asked to provide the following for the new user:

    • First and last name, date of birth, email address, and relationship (required)

    • Middle name, former last name, phone, gender (optional, but helpful in identifying an existing, but non-connected user)

  • After you input the new user information, the system will search our database to see if the user exists, you will get one of three outcomes

    • If a user matches, they will add the relationship to you and generate notification emails to the user

    • If there is a possible match, your request will appear as pending and staff will review the match and create the relationship

      • This user will appear as Pending in your list of Active Proxies until their review is complete

    • If there is no match, a new record will be created and generate notification emails to the user 

Selecting Types of Access

  • Select the type(s) of Access you want to provide to this person. 

  • Choose from :

    • Allow Complete Access or

    • Allow Select Access, and then check the appropriate boxes for what you want to grant 

      • Student Finance - account statements and bill paying

      • Financial Aid

      • Academics - grades

      • Notifications - restrictions and other notifications

  • You may change any or all of the access at anytime.  The user will receive an email that a change has been made, without specifying what that change entails.  

  • Check the box to authorize disclosure of your information to your selected Parent/Guest user, then click Save.

  • After you grant access, you will receive an email confirmation and your Parent/Guest user will receive email(s) with instructions to login, including a username and password if they have not previously had access.

    • Note: Previous users will be prompted to change their password on first login in the revised platform.

Keep Your Password Private

NEVER give your login information to anyone else, including parents, siblings, other relatives, friends, etc. This is a violation of Valpo's Acceptable Use Policy and can compromise your privacy and security, and can even result in your access being revoked. Instead, follow the instructions below to grant authorized access to select information for appropriate individuals.