Approve Time Worked in Self Service Time Entry

Supervisors of hourly employees must review and approve the time cards of their hourly employees for them to be paid appropriately. The two week pay period begins on Sunday at 12:00 am and ends 14 days later on Saturday at 11:59 pm. All employee time must be entered by 9:00 am on the Monday after the end of the pay period, and supervisors must approve time entered by 12:00 noon on the Monday after the end of the pay period.

Can be slow loading

When logging into Self-Service Time Entry for the first time each day, it can be slow to load. Consider logging in and then completing another task while the system loads.

Ellucian is working to address the issue.

Logging In

Find your time-entry screen

  • Select the Employee menu

  • Select the Time Approval menu

View Employee Timecards

  • The screen will open and present each staff member's timecard for whom you are responsible displaying their total hours for the pay period

If timecards are not visible

If your employees' timecards are not immediately visible, click the 'Apply Filters' button at the bottom of the Filter Selection box. The system will remember your previous filter settings on subsequent logins.

  • There are filter tools on the left-hand side of the screen to select a smaller group of employees or timecards.
    • You may search for an individual employee by name or Colleague ID
    • You may select a group of timecards by status
      • Submitted - the employee has completed their entry and selected to submit their timecard
      • Not Complete - the employee has entered time, but has not selected to submit their timecard (you may still review and approve)
      • No Time Entered - the employee has not entered any time for the pay period
      • Approved - the timecard has been approved by the supervisor
      • Rejected - the timecard has been rejected by the supervisor
  • Click View to the far right of the Employee and Pay Period you wish to review to see daily detail of entries.

  • If an employee has more than one job, each job will appear.
  • Select the drop-down arrow for the job you supervise to see the detail of daily time entries.

Student Employee Weekly Hours Worked Limits

  • Reminder that students may not work more than 29 hours per week, (not more than 20 hours for international students) across all jobs for the University.
  • The employee's total hours will show as subtotals by day, by position, and as a grand total.
  • NOTE: Do NOT include 'unpaid hours' to bring a full-time employee's weekly hours to 40. Just include actual hours worked.

  • After reviewing the entries for accuracy, click Approve if all is in order.

  • If you do not Approve the time-card as is, you may select the Other Actions menu and either Reject or add Comments
  • You may enter time for your employee, or edit entries they have made by clicking in the time that needs adjustment.
    • The system Auto-Saves frequently, buy you may also click Save if rushed (Save will be grayed out if it has already saved the latest changes)
  • The employee will receive an email notifying them of the action(s) taken on their time-card.

  • After submitting, you will see "Approved" next to the pay period for the employee you have approved.

  • If you realize you made a mistake or omission in reporting prior to the time-card approval deadline (12:00 pm Monday after pay period ends) click Unapprove to allow the timecard to be edited again by either you or your employee.
  • You may also add Comments for your employee to see.
  • Either of these will send a notification to your employee that you have unapproved or commented on their time-card.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.