Capture Content With the Lightboard

A lightboard is a great way to capture handwritten in-class “board work” through video. We designed our system in-house to provide a hybrid between a one-button studio and a lightboard. In simpler terms, we married automation to talking and teaching like you normally do in class.

Examples of Lightboard Uses

  1. FLIPPED LEARNING - Thinking about flipping your course content, but the idea of video creation is a bit daunting? This is a simple way to record your lesson segments! If you can write and talk, you are in luck. The trick here is to break content up into small segments.

  2. DISTANCE LEARNING - Are you teaching an upcoming online course? This is a great way to communicate examples of materials or lessons. It also allows students to get to know you better by seeing your mannerisms and some of your personality.

  3. DIFFICULT CONCEPT REVIEW/EXAMPLES: Do you teach concepts that students often want repeated or retaught? This is a great place to teach a concept so that it can be recalled quickly by students whenever they wish to review it. It also allows you to refer students to the video for review when they struggle.

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