How to Obtain a List of Major GPA Data

Complete an ITicket to obtain access to Entrinsik Informer Reporting Tool if you are not already an Informer user. 


From time to time, academic departments/advisors need to review major only GPA data. These instructions walk users through the 3-step process required to produce a report listing students and their major GPAs. The 3-step process includes running the BEVL report in Informer, running BEVL in Colleague, and running the Degree Audit - Major GPA report in Informer.   

Step-by-Step Guide 

I. Run the BEVL Informer Report

1. Navigate to the Informer Login Page

2. Enter Valpo Username and Password

3. Reports Listing page appears. A list of the reports the user has been granted access to will appear.

4. Search for the "BEVL Saved List Creation - Pick a Department" report. 

5. Click on the yellow star to save the report as a favorite (Report will now appear in "My Favorites" filter) 

6. Click on the "Launch" icon next the report

7. Enter the Department Code from which you would like a list of majors (e.g., SOCW, THEO, PSY, BIO, etc.)

8. Click "Launch Report"

9. Click on "Export Results" near the top right of the screen

10. Select "Saved List"

11. Enter a name for the saved list. No spaces. Take note of the name, you will need it later.

12.  Click "Export"

13. "Saved List Created" along with a green checkmark will appear. Keep that screen open and move on to next section.

II. Run the BEVL Colleague Form

1. Open Colleague in a new tab.

2. Type BEVL in the forms lookup and click the looking glass

3. Enter the Saved List Name from the Informer report

4. Click "Save" then "Update" 

5. Set Output Device to "H"

Click "Save" then "Update"

Click "Save" then "Upate"  

6. The BEVL (Batch Academic Evaluation) will take a few moments to run in Colleague. When it is finished, click "Finish."

III. Run the Degree Audit -Major GPA Informer Report 

1. Return to Informer. Close out the Export Results box.

2.  From the Reports tab, search for the ACAD-Degree Audit - Major GPA report.

NOTE: the CAS - Degree Audit - Major GPA report includes pending graduation date and class standing. It might be more useful if you are in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). 

3. Click "Launch" next tothe Degree Audit - Major GPA report

4. Enter user ID and the date you ran the BEVL report in Colleague 

5. Click "Launch Report"

6. Major and GPA report results will appear. To export the data, click "Export Results"

Protect Student Data

Please remember student data should be used for University purposes only. It is not to be shared or stored outside the University.

7. A menu of options will appear. The most commonly used option is Excel Comma-Separated Values (.csv)

8. Select Excel Comma-Separated Values (.csv). Output options appear. Make sure the following selections are made:

9. Click on Export

10. The report will download automatically. Double click to open.

11. Highlight the entire Excel Spreadsheet by clicking in left corner next to the A

12. Next, from the Home tab on the Excel menu bar, click on the drop down menu on Format and select AutoFit Column Width. This will ensure every column of data easily appears.

13. Data is now available in Excel and may be sorted and used for decision making, etc.