Find Student Accommodations in Starfish

Accommodation letters describing the type and implementation of accommodations for a student can now be found in Starfish by a student's primary academic advisor and current term faculty members, as well as a limited number of academic support professionals on campus.

Step-by-step guide

To find and review a list of all of your students with accommodations, go to the Starfish site and log in using your Valpo credentials (short user id and password).

Filter Student List Using Additional Filters

Navigate to your Student List:

1. Click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen.

2. Select Students from pop-up menu.

3. Select your role from the Connection drop-down. Note: Only select roles have access to view accommodation letters as determined by Access and Accommodations Resource Center.

The Additional Filters button allows you to add multiple criteria to filter your list of students. Additional Filters are available on the My Students and Tracking tabs with subtle differences according to which tab you are on.

4. Click the Add Filters button on the right side of the header bar, above your list of students.

5. Create a filter from the Additional Filters menu that is presented:

  • Check the Students with Tracking Items box (A).
  • Select Flag from the Tracking Type drop-down menu (B).
  • Select AARC: Accommodation Letter from the Item Name drop-down menu (C).
  • Hit Submit and this will bring up your students who have active accommodation letters on file.

Viewing the Accommodation Letter

Once you have your list of students who have accommodation letters on file, you can click into each student’s profile to view the letter.

1. Click the student’s name.

2. Click the “+” sign to view the detailed letter.

3. View letter.

You can also search by individual student to view their letter using the Search for Students box on the top-right of your Starfish screen.

From their profile, select the Tracking tab on the left and click the “+” sign to view the detailed letter.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.