Approve Leave in Self-Service

Hourly employees request approval of Paid Leave (Vacation or Sick) through Self-Service. This guide outlines how to approve or reject the hourly employee's request. 

Step-by-step Guide

1. As a supervisor, you will receive an email notification that an employee has submitted a Paid Leave Request

2. To review and respond to the request, log into Self-Service

3. Select the Employee menu, then the Leave Approval Menu

4. When the Leave Approval menu opens, click on the filter to set options (pictured below) to quickly view employees with pending or approved requests

5.To view the detail click the small drop-down arrow next to their name.

6. Click View on the individual request line to see the request details 

7. Click Comments from either the main screen or within the detail screen to read, respond to, or add comments

8. Once you have reviewed the request, select either Approve or Reject

If you Reject the request, you will be prompted to provide a Reason

9. The request and the approved or rejected status will now show in the employee's list of Employee's Outstanding Leave Requests in both the Supervisor's and Employee's view

10. When the employee logs into their time card, they will see a view similar to the one below 

From time to time, an employee may need to make a change to the leave they requested. They are able to do that as long as the pay period has not ended.  Changes to leave requests after the pay period end date must be entered by the supervisor. Please read on for an example and more information.

In the example below, the employee requested 2 hours of sick time and only used 1.25 hours. The pay period ended before an edit could be made by the employee. Thus, the supervisor edited the timecard. 

When the supervisor made the change, the term "Leave Mismatch" appeared. This simply communicates there is a mismatch between the requested/actual hours. 

The "Leave Request - Sick" line displays what was requested and is informational only. In other words, it is not displaying an amount that will be paid to the employee. 

The "Sick" line displays what was actually used by the employee and will be paid out to the employee. 

By Proxy:

Please Note: Approval of Paid Leave may also be completed by Proxy

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.