Installing and configuring Thunderbird to import Mbox files into Google

Email accounts can be exported on many platforms in MBOX format.  The free software product Thunderbird can be used to import MBOX files in a Gmail account .

Step-by-step guide

    • Download Thunderbird from Mozilla’ website
    • Run the executable file 
    • Standard radio button > Next
    • Uncheck Use Thunderbird as my default mail application > Install > Finish
    • Enter Full Name - New Email address  > Password
    • IMAP radio button > Done
    • With Thunderbird open - click the Hamburger button > Addons and Themes
    • In the search field type: ImportExportToolsNG
    • Click + Add to Thunderbird > Add > OK
    • In the left pane right-click Local Folders >ImportExportTools NG > Import mbox file
    • Select Import directly one or more mbox files > OK
    • Navigate to the location where Google export was saved. 
    • Select mbox files > Open
    • Files will be dropped into Local folders - drag and drop to [Gmail] folder.
    • It will take a while to move from Local folders into the GMail account.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.