Connect to Campus Wi-Fi - GUESTS

Visitors to campus should follow these steps to connect any device to the secure wi-fi network on campus.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open your device's Wi-Fi settings and connect to the valpo-connect wireless network.

  2. Open a web browser.
    1. If you’re not automatically redirected, type in

  3. Select Guest.

  4. Note the passphrase provided on the screen!

  5. Go back to your device's wi-fi preferences and select the valpo-guest wireless network. When prompted, enter the passphrase you were shown.

  6. After connecting, "forget" the valpo-connect network.

  7. Your access will be valid until the passphrase is changed by IT -- at minimum, once per year -- after which, you'll need to reregister.

Guest Wifi Restrictions

Guest wireless has limited access to the internet and Valpo online resources. For example, a VPN should work, but remote desktop access will not.

Students, faculty, and staff should register their devices for full access on the valpo-user wireless network.

Still need help?

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.