How to Launch an Informer Report

Complete an ITicket to obtain access to Entrinsik Informer Reporting Tool


Entrinsik Informer is a data analytics platform that enables users to extract business value out of data. We use Informer at Valpo to retrieve and explore data from Colleague. This allows us to:

  • Run batch degree audits
  • Generate eligible student lists for honor societies
  • Generate major and minor student contact lists
  • Generate faculty schedule list
  • Make data-driven decisions and much more

Step-by-step Guide 

1. Navigate to the Informer Login Page

2. Enter Valpo Username and Password

3. Reports Listing page appears. A list of the reports the user has been granted access to will appear.

4. Click on Details to see the type of information the report will provide and how it will be formatted.

5. Click on the Reports menu to go back to the Reports Listing page.

6. To launch a report, click on the Launch icon next the report you are interested in.

7. The report will launch and columns will be filled with the requested data.

Protect Student Data

Before moving on the next step, please remember student data should be used for University purposes only. It is not to be shared or stored outside the University.

8. To export results to excel, click on Export Results

9. A menu of options will appear. The most commonly used option is Excel Comma-Separated Values (.csv)

10. Select Excel Comma-Separated Values (.csv). Output options appear. Make sure the following selections are made:

11. Click on Export

12. The report will download automatically. Double click on it to open.

13. Highlight the entire Excel Spreadsheet by clicking in left corner next to the A.

14. Next, click on Format and select AutoFit Column Width. This will ensure every column of data easily appears.

15. Data is now available in Excel and may be sorted, analyzed, reported and used for decision making, creating contact lists, etc.

Some reports will require the user to enter terms. A reference for term definitions can be found here. Format tips will be noted. Reports may also require the user to enter major and/or minor codes.