Enter Workload Credits in the Colleague FREM Screen

Offices Affiliated with this Process: Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Office of the Provost, Office of the Registrar

FREM Data Entry is Due Annually by February 1st


Each year Academic departments and the Registrar's office work together to build the schedule of classes in Colleague. Faculty are awarded teaching load credits for the classes they teach. Teaching load credits are entered into Colleague during this time of schedule building. There are 7 remaining credit types (see below) that faculty may receive based on the work they do. Administrative Assistants and Department Chairs work with their Faculty to gather details of these remaining credits. The Administrative Assistant enters those details into Colleague. This step-by-step guide outlines how the Administrative Assistant completes the data entry.  

  1. ALC         Administrative Load Credit
  2. ILC          Independent Load Credit
  3. RLC         Research Load Credit
  4. LOA        Leave of Absence
  5. GRANT   Grant Funded Credit
  6. ENDOW  Endowed Chair Credit
  7. SAB         Sabbatical 

Step-by-step Guide 

1. Log in to Colleague using your Valpo network credentials.

2. Type FREM in the "Search for a Form" area and hit enter

3. Enter the Faculty member name in the Faculty Lookup screen

4. Double click on the Box with the Faculty name and information. The FREM screen will open. You will see rows of workload credit information entered similar to the example below.

5. You will need to proceed to a new row to enter FREM data. Use the page arrows to progress to a blank row.

6. Next, click on the paper with the folded edge to enter descriptive comments about the workload credit you are about to record.

The dialogue box where you enter the comments looks like this:

7. Type the descriptive comments and academic year, then click Save.  (Example, “Submitted a proposal for the NCSA conference, drafted an external
grant for the American Sociological Association, and completed a draft of a book review for Contemporary Sociology. 2021-2022”)

The rest of the fields (three white boxes pictured below) are now available for data entry.  

8. Type: Click on the drop down arrow for “Type.” This is a numeric value. There are a few other values in the table that have historical significance. Please disregard and only use numeric values to add the number of workload credits to be associated with the descriptive comments.  

9. Author:  Enter the name of the person who authorizes the workload credit (see table below).  That person's file will open. Verify it is correct and double click to fill the Author field. 

ALCCollege Dean or Provost

Dept. Chair Unless the Person is the Chair, then Authored by Dean

ENDOWCollege Dean or Provost
GRANTCollege Dean or Provost
LOACollege Dean or Provost

Dept. Chair Unless the Person is the Chair, then Authored by Dean

SABDean of College

10. Reference options:  Choose RLC, ALC, ILC, GRANT, SAB, LOA, or ENDOW from the drop down menu. DO NOT use the PE code. It is for historical references only.

11. Date: The date will default to "today." It can be changed if desired. 

12. When you have completed the FREM data entry, click “Save All.” 

The Workload Credit process, start to finish, is depicted below. View this to see when FREM data entry takes place in the process.