Change Proxy Access for a Parent or Guest

You may change the level of access you have granted to Proxy (Parent/Guest) users at any time. The proxy user will receive a notification that their access has been changed, but without detail of the nature of the change. 

Step-by-step guide to change Proxy (Parent/Guest) Access

Logging in to Proxy (Parent/Guest) Access from DataVU

  • Go to DataVU (
    • Navigate to the Student & Alumni Records Menu
    • Select Proxy/Guest Access
    • Select Allow Parent/Guest Access, this will take you to the Self-Service login where you will enter your username
      • You need to be signed into your email address for Single Sign-on to work.

Updating Proxy Access from within Self-Service

  • From the Self-Service Home Page, click your UserID in the upper right-hand corner

  • Select View/Edit Proxy Access from the drop-down menu

To Add or Remove a Proxy (Parent/Guest) User

  • Select Add a Proxy and Select the user you wish to add from the Drop-Down menu
  • If the user you wish to select does not appear, refer to these directions to Add Another User

To Change Access Level for an existing Proxy (Parent/Guest) User

  • Under Active Proxies, select the pencil icon to Edit Proxy Access

  • Options for changing access are:
    • Allow Complete Access
    • Allow Select Access
      • Select the checkbox for each type of access you wish to allow or remove
    • Remove All Access

  • Save after making your selections
  • You and your Proxy/Guest will each receive an email stating that access has changed, but it will not specify the type of change made.