Install Google Drive for Desktop

Google Drive for Desktop (GDfD) is Google's new solution for synchronizing your Google Drive locally to your desktop or laptop computer.  Previous iterations of this software were called "Google Backup and Sync" and "Google Drive File Stream," which have now both been replaced by Google Drive for Desktop.  GDfD will allow you to work within your Google Drive from the comfort of your desktop, providing an easy way to upload new files to Google Drive or download existing files to work on in an offline environment. 

Please note that, if you are using a University-owned Windows machine, GDfD will be available for installation via the Software Center, so it should be pending installation or already installed on your machine.  Below are steps for how to download and get started with Google Drive File Stream on a personal Windows PC or a VU/personal computer running MacOS.

Downloading Google Drive for Desktop

Start by navigating to the main download page located at this Google support page.

Scroll down to the the section titled "Get started with Google Drive for desktop" and click the drop-down menu titled "Download & install Google Drive for desktop."  From here, click on the download button that pertains to your operating system (Windows or MacOS) as shown below:

Installation for Windows

The installation process for Google Drive for Desktop on your University-owned Windows laptop or desktop is incredibly simple.  As long as this is your office computer, you will receive Google Drive for Desktop through the Software Center app on your PC as an optional installation.  This video from IT explains how the process works for initiating the installation.  If you are attempting to install GDfD on a personal Windows machine, then simply run the installer after downloading it and follow the on-screen prompts from the installation wizard.

Installation for Mac

  1. After clicking the "Download for Mac" link, a new window will open prompting for you to "Save" the .dmg file for Google Drive for Desktop; please save this to your "Downloads" folder. 
  2. From your Downloads folder (or directly from the browser), launch the "googledrivefilestream.dmg" to initiate the installation process.  

  3. Double-click the "GoogleDrive.pkg" file in the subsequent window and click "Continue" once the installer starts.

  4. At the "Installation Type" step, you have a chance to choose the installation location, though the default location will work for most users.  Click "Install" and then enter your credentials at the next window to authorize the installation.  
  5. After finishing the installation, the below message will appear and you will need to click "Open System Preferences:

  6. In the "Security & Privacy" window that is now open, click under the "General" tab and note the message at the bottom of the window.  You will need to click the padlock to "unlock" the settings using your credentials, and then click on "Allow" in order to grant Google Drive the access that it needs to sync your local files.  
  7. At this point, the installer should say "Installation Complete," so you can close it and move the download to the Trash if you wish.  The new Google Drive application will house itself in the upper taskbar near your Wi-Fi icon.  Click the new Drive icon and then "Sign In" with your Valpo Gmail account as shown below:

  8. Once signed-in, the application will give you a brief walkthrough of its features, eventually guiding to the "Google Drive" folder that is now present under the "Locations" tab of your Finder windows.  The "My Drive" folder will be the primary location that you will use to move files to and from your Google Drive to your desktop.  

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.