Add a Component Top-Level Organization Template

For System Administrators, Designers, and Editors. This how-to-article describes the process of adding a Simple Syllabus Component to the top-level organization VU template.

Valparaiso University and Simple Syllabus logos

Step-by-step guide

On the upper left-hand corner of the screen,

Click the Templates Button

image Click the Templates Button

Type Name, Select the Component Type then Click Save

Update the Visibility Sliders as appropriate for the new component

Mark the Editors Check Boxes & type help text if any

Drag the cross arrow to move the new component to a new location

Click Close to submit changes


Type, Insert, Copy, and Paste the content into the new component

Please note, that changes made on this page impact all syllabi for the selected term and may take

several minutes to be reflected throughout the system and the other organization templates beneath this top-level organization.




For additional assistance, contact the CITAL Help Desk.