How Parents and Guests will use Proxy Access to Student Information

When a student agrees to waive their rights under FERPA and grants someone access to their protected information, the "Proxy" (relative) will receive an email providing information about how and where to login.  All of these emails and processes are Student-initiated and cannot be overridden by IT Staff as long as the student is actively enrolled at Valparaiso University.

A pre-requisite for this access is that the student will need to provide to the registrar's office, via entry in Self-Service, the names, and email addresses of anyone they wish to grant these permissions, along with what their relationship is to the student (eg., parent, sibling, grandparent, etc).  Depending on the proxy users existing relationship with the university, access may be granted immediately or there could be need for a manual review

  • A brand new user with no existing relationship to the University can be added immediately and is set up by the student. Must have first name, last name, email, birth date, and relationship
    • A duplicate checking process is run on these entries, if a possible duplicate is detected it is submitted for human review (Office of the Registrar) and will show as pending until reviewed
    • If no possible duplicate is found the record is created
  • A user with an existing relationship to the student in Colleague can be selected from the drop-down menu for Select a Proxy

Step-by-step guide

  1. The Proxy (relative) will receive an automated email from the IT HelpDesk providing them with their username and the instructions for the link.  IF the person already has credentials (Current employee, or relative of other students), they will only receive this one email notifying them that access has been granted and to login using their previous credentials.
  2. If this person is new to Proxy, they will receive a second email from the IT HelpDesk with an initial password.  This email will notify them that they need to change their password on their initial login to Self Service.
  3. After the user has successfully changed their password in Self Service, they will be asked to Re-Login using their new Password
  4. The user will have a popup with an option as to which record they want to view.  Their own login will be on top.  Their Students will be listed below.  
    1. If they click on their own, among any other access they may have on their own record, they will have the ability to use the "User Profile" and update their own email address.
      1. The user can toggle back-and-forth between their own access and their students' by clicking on the Sign Out option and they will be given the option to either sign out or change proxy user.
    2. If they click on their students, a green bar will appear across the top showing their name "acting on behalf of" their student and they will be able to search around the student information.

If the student changes or rescinds any or all permissions, the proxy user will receive an email that says a change was made, but it will not specify what the changes were. 

Note: proxy users with no other relationship to the University are not able to change their own passwords, a Help Desk ticket is needed

Instructions for MIS here: /wiki/spaces/BP/pages/29136038