Register for Classes Overview

GET READY, (lightbulb)

GET SET, (thumbs up)


Get Ready,
Get Set,
  • Add Courses to your Plan in Self-Service Student Planning for the upcoming term(s)
    • This can be done at any time and for any future term
    • Use Catalog Search in Student Planning to search and filter courses or the  box in the upper right-hand corner of each page in Student Planning
    • Not sure what to add? Look at My Progress to see what is remaining to be completed toward your degree
  • Add Course Sections with day and time information to your Schedule as full details for each upcoming term become available online.
    • When adding course sections, use the Terms filter to be sure you're selecting the courses in the correct academic term.
  • Request a Review and meet with your academic advisor to discuss your plan
    • Your advisor will need to mark your Advisement Complete before you will be allowed to register
  • When your registration start time arrives, log in to Self-Service Student Planning and select Plan & Schedule.

  • Click the blue Register Now button to register for all Sections on your schedule at once,
    • or click the blue Register button beneath each course in the listing.

Need to make a change?

If you need to make a change to your course schedule after registering, you can Add or Drop courses in Self-Service Student Planning.

Need help?

  • In-person: Visit the Help Desk in the Christopher Center Library (lower level) or in the Kretzmann Hall Lobby.
  • Registration questions:
  • Technical/System questions: