Registrar eForm Tips and References

Common eForm Questions & Tips


Each form will request at minimum your Valpo ID number and your email address to identify and communicate with you about your request.

  • Your Valpo ID number is the 7 digit number that can be found on your OneCard ID card, or also in your DataVU account. 
  • Please use your email address. This is used as a secondary form of confirming your identity in our systems.


When submitting a request about a course, you will be asked to provide the academic term for the course, the course section, number, course title and number of credits. Please see the example below for help using the results from DataVU to complete your eForm.


  • Academic Level - undergraduate students are studying for a bachelor's degree, graduate students are student for a master's or higher level degree
  • College - the College of the University refers to the College of your program of study
    • College of Arts & Sciences  (the largest of the academic colleges and includes math, social and natural sciences, liberal arts and humanities programs)
    • College of Business
    • College of Engineering
    • College of Nursing & Health Professions

      Christ College & Graduate School

      If you are a student of Christ College or the Graduate School, you will generally select the academic college of your program of study.


  • Save my progress and resume later - in forms with two or more pages, at the end of each page you have the option to save your work and have a link emailed to you to complete your form at a later time.

  • Signature and Acknowledgement - you may either Type or Draw (with a mouse or touchpad) your signature at the end of each form confirming your request.
  • If the form involves a change to your course registration you will also be asked to acknowledge responsibility for any resulting changes in financial charges to your Student Account