My Class Schedule in DataVU

The My Class Schedule page on DataVU is where students can view and manage their weekly class schedules, search and add courses, and navigate between terms. It also provides access to academic timelines, advising details, and information on granted Petitions & Waivers.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Start on the DataVU Menu.

  2. In the Academics section, expand Course Scheduling options, and click on the My Class Schedule link.

  3. Sign in using your Valpo username and password.

  4. Using the Plan & Schedule page, you can

    1. See the Week View of your class schedule

    2. Search for courses to add

    3. Use the left and right arrow buttons to navigate between academic terms

    4. Use the button with the plus sign to add new terms to your schedule

    5. View your Timeline, a summary of your terms, courses, and grades earned

    6. View your Advising details, such as advisor contact information, notes, and plan archives

    7. View any Petitions & Waivers that you have been granted for permission to register in restricted course sections


Be sure to check the Planned, Enrolled, and Waitlisted credits summary on your schedule. Planned and Waitlisted courses do not count as registered/enrolled credits and are not used when calculating full-time enrollment status.

Questions about registration?

Knowledge Base Resources:

For more assistance, contact the Office of the Registrar or visit the Register for Classes web page.