IT Staff Information

The Office of Information Technology is focused on bringing students, faculty, and staff the highest form of technology in order to enrich the learning on campus. We provide support to the campus community through a number of projects, initiatives, and resources. We are able to support campus because of the work of our amazing teams, both students and professional staff.

Professional Staff

Chief Information Officer

Dave Sierkowski

Data Architecture Team

James Crowley, Director of Data Architecture

Bent Lux, Programmer/Analyst

Noah Rodriguez, Solutions Engineer

Enterprises Systems Team

Jon Sanders, Director of Enterprise Applications Systems

Paul Lapsansky, Director of Technical Services

Matt Hernes, Systems Administrator II

Jonathan Plant, Operations Manager

Infrastructure Team

Jason Kellerman, Director of Infrastructure 

Justin Hunt, Network Administrator I

Clifton Howell, Network Administrator II

Administrative Systems Team

Mike Karr, Programmer/Analyst

Sharon Lane, Programmer/Analyst

Enterprise Process and Projects Team

Melanie Trowbridge, Director of Enterprise Processes and Projects

Sue Kukurugya, Assistant Director of Enterprise Processes and Projects 

Shelby Topping, Analyst, Enterprise Processes and Projects

Tech Support Team
 Jessica Wilson, Director of Support Services
  • Responsible for department communications, Supervisor of overall Tech Support Team and Help Desk Student team, Administrator for IT ticketing system
 Brett Vester, Associate Director of Technology
  • Supervisor of Technical Support Specialists, Oversees classroom and event space technology and installations.
 Rich Miller, Technical Support Specialist

 Josh Stone, Technical Support Specialist

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