Document Camera Software

In some classrooms, document cameras are configured to interface directly with the tech cart computers. If there is a USB cable running from the document camera into the cart, this feature is likely available to you. In Gellersen Center, for example, the EPSON DC-21 document cameras are configured to work with EPSON's Easy Interactive Tools software, which is installed on all tech cart PCs.

  1. Log in to the tech cart PC and look for the Easy Interactive Tools Ver. 4.22, either on the Desktop or in the Start Menu. Launch that software and you should see a startup screen like the one below.

2. Click the Camera button to launch the camera viewer.

3. Make sure that the correct source is selected. If the PC has a webcam attached to it, Easy Interactive Tools can display it instead of the document camera. To change the selected video source, open the drop-down menu in the lower-left corner of the software window and select the document camera.

4. To make the document camera image fullscreen, click the sixth button from the left toward the bottom of the screen. Press the Esc key on the keyboard to exit fullscreen mode.

5. When you are finished using the document camera, click the red "X" on the right hand side of the menu bar toward the top of the screen.