Student Restrictions and Batch Updates

This article is for a department that needs to place restrictions or edit restrictions on multiple student records at the same time.

Step-by-step guide

To update student restrictions in batch:

  1. Create a Saved List of student records to update.
    1. Start with a list of student ID numbers for the records you need to update. Often, this is from a report of current students filtered by whatever criteria are relevant to your process.
    2. In Colleague, go the the XSAV form to Create Saved List.
    3. Give your Saved List a Name in the first field. This field cannot have any spaces or special characters. It should be unique and easy to remember. Saved Lists are purged from Colleague weekly.
    4. For the File Name, and Keys, you'll need to use a Colleague file and the coordinating keys for the process that you're running. In the case of batch updating student restrictions, use the STUDENTS file.
    5. Click on the button to the right of the first row for Keys and paste the list of ID numbers into the Saved List Keys window.
      1. Use the 7-digit student ID number for the key. If you have a student ID with fewer than 7 digits, use 0s at the beginning of the ID number.
      2. Make sure that there are no blank rows at the end of your list of Keys, especially at the end of the list, where it is easy to miss.
      3. Do not include any duplicate values in your list.
    6. In the Allow Duplicates (Y/N) field, enter an N.
    7. In the Validate and Create Saved List (Y/N) field, enter a Y.
    8. Write down your Saved List Name so that you can easily use it in Step 2d.
    9. Click the Save All button at the top of the form.
  2. In Colleague, use the ACDR (Assign/Change/Delete Restrictions) form.
    1. In the Action field, select Add, Change, or Delete.
    2. In the Restrictions field, enter an existing student restriction type. Use only restrictions that are managed by your department. Do not use restrictions types for which you do not have authorization.
    3. If you are adding a new restriction, make sure the Action is set to Add and populate the Start Date. If you are ending an existing restriction, make sure the Action is set to Change and populate the End Date.
    4. In the Saved List Name field, enter the name of the Saved List created in Step 1 above.
      1. Alternatively, if you have just a few students on your list, you can skip Step 1 (creating a Saved List) and enter the student names or IDs in the Students fields shown below.
    5. Click the Save All button at the top of the form.

Please note the two horizontal lines dividing the ACDR form shown below. The top section is for the action to be taken. The middle section is for the changes to be entered. The bottom section is for the selection criteria to identify the records in need of this change.

In the example of ACDR shown below, the process will add a new Health Center restriction to students on a Saved List called HCHOLDS and give a start date of 9/4/2020. This is only an example and your form will reflect the changes you're making instead.

For additional assistance, contact the Office of the Registrar.