Complete a Registration eForm

The Registration eForm or PDF form is only to be used in the following circumstances:

  • Visiting students – students who are visiting Valparaiso University for a summer session, semester, or full year
  • Readmitted students to Valparaiso University – when unable to register in DataVU

 The general registration process occurs in DataVU

Step-by-Step Guide

The screenshots below provide an example of the Registration eForm

  1. You will need your Valpo ID number (sent via email to new students, or on your OneCard). If you have not yet been assigned a Valpo ID number, please enter all 0s. Your advisor may also be able to assist with finding this number.
  2. A email address is preferred, but if you do not yet have one you may use an alternate address.
  3. Before beginning, identify the courses and course sections (the specific day/time offering of a course) for which you want to register. The schedule of courses can be found in 'Search for Sections' in DataVU


For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.