Batch Academic Evaluation

Academic advisors use these steps to review multiple degree audits at once.

Step-by-step guide

  • Links to Informer and Colleague are available here:
  • Start with your report in Excel that includes a Key column.
    • Filter the report to include all students for whom you’d like the degree audit. (Example: those with a "Y" in the Unmet Requirements column)
  • Use your ValpoNet credentials to sign into Colleague.
    • Use the form XSAV to Create the SavedList. (Follow the link for instructions.)
    • Go to the Batch Academic Evaluation (BEVL)
      • Enter the name of the Saved List (all capital letters) in the Saved List Name field and click Save All.
        • See the screenshot below for other settings described here:
        • Include: A All
        • Report Format: 2 Double-column report
          • The Office of the Registrar uses the 2 column format to reduce the number of pages for each degree audit and still see all of the information.
          • You're welcome to select "H HTML Report" instead to see the student view displayed in DataVU. 
        • Related Courses Policy: N Not Displayed
        • Always Show Extra Courses: No
        • Ignored statuses: W, X, C, D
        • Update Graduates file: No
      • Change the Output Device to H for Hold/Browse File Output and click Save All
      • Once the full set of degree audits has run, they can be viewed there in the Colleague Report Browser, or they can be exported to PDF to be saved, viewed, and printed as needed.
      • To export the batch of degree audits to PDF, click the Export to PDF button and click the Create PDF button. Images are shown below. Selecting font Courier, size 7 fits nicely onto the page. Other sizes may cause lines of text to wrap.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.