Installing SolidWorks Student for a Class

If you are a student in ME 102, your professor may share a code with you to download and license SolidWorks Student. To download the software, follow the steps outlined below.

1) Browse to and complete the web form. Be sure to select "Student" for your role and choose the "Yes" box when asked whether you have a serial number beginning in the numbers "9020". Choose the SolidWorks version that your professor instructs you to use.

2) Accept the terms and conditions on the next screen, then click the blue Download button.

3) Once SolidWorksSetup.exe finishes downloading, open it and click the Unzip button to extract the files contained in the zipped archive.

4) When the files finish unzipping, click the OK button and the SolidWorks installer will open. Note: If you see a message informing you that a Windows reboot from a previous installation is pending, close the installer, restart your computer, and run it again. 

5) At the installer launch screen, keep the default "Install on this computer" option selected, then click Next.

6) Enter the code your professor shared with you in the SOLIDWORKS field under the 3D Design heading. (You can copy the code and then press Ctrl+V to paste it into the first box, and it will automatically fill into the other five boxes.)

7) In the next Window, click the first Change button, next to the Products heading. Unless instructed to do otherwise by your professor, uncheck the boxes next to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Plastics, SOLIDWORKS Electrical, SOLIDWORKS Composer, SOLIDWORKS Visualize, and SOLIDWORKS CAM. These components are not used for instruction, and are not installed in Gellersen computer labs. You are welcome to keep them checked if you want to try them out, but be mindful that they all take up 1GB or more of space on your hard drive. Click the Back to Summary button when you are finished.

8) Click the checkbox next to the I accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement in the lower-left corner of the summary screen, then click the Download and Install button to begin the installation.

9) After installation has finished, launch SolidWorks and the SolidNetWork License Manager will appear automatically. Activate the software over the internet and you will see a product page with each program's expiration date. Finish the Activation Wizard and SolidWorks will ask you to accept the license agreement. Click "Accept" and the program will open.