Faculty and Staff Start Here in Starfish

Starfish gives you a convenient way to keep track of your students – raising flags when you observe a pattern of behavior that concerns you, ensuring that the people on campus who can intervene are aware.  It also allows your students to easily book an appointment with you or someone else who can help. 

Getting started is easy! Starfish will automatically display all students that you have been assigned or are enrolled in your courses.

Access Starfish here: starfish.valpo.edu

From there, you can raise flags about students, review flags that have been raised about your students, and provide additional information.

1. Set up Your Profile

Help students put a face to your name and learn a little more about you through your profile. This is also a place where you can share how students should schedule a time to meet with you, whether that be through Starfish or another method.

Learn How To: Set Up Your Starfish Profile.

2. Set Your Office Hours

Check out How To: Set Up Your Office Hours in Starfish

If you don't use Starfish to schedule appointments, that's okay! Please note in your Starfish Profile how a student should schedule an appointment to meet with you. Example below:

3. Add Survey Dates to Your Calendar

In order to prepare yourself to provide the best information available, please add a note in your calendar of each semester's survey dates: Starfish Progress Survey Dates.

Learn How to Complete a Starfish Progress Survey.

4. Familiarize Yourself with Tracking Items

It is important that a student's success network perform outreach when a flag is raised in order to provide support and resources to help the student succeed at Valpo.

Starfish Flags and Tracking Items includes charts of the various tracking items, describing when to use each, and recommendations on how to respond.

Learn How To: Raise a Flag for a Student in Starfish.

5. Set External Grades in Blackboard

Starfish pulls the student’s current grade from your Blackboard Grade Center. By default, the Final Grade Total column is set as your External Grade in Blackboard. If you want Starfish to display and pull a calculated grade column (e.g., Weighted Total), please follow the steps here: Setting External Grade in Blackboard.