Merge and Separate Blackboard Courses

For Administrators Only: Merging 2 or more sections of an instructor's course is one of the most common service tickets that is received in the CITAL project through the JIRA ticketing system, particularly at the beginning of a semester and near the end of a semester, as this is the window that most instructors take advantage of to prepare for upcoming classes.

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Click Here for the Blackboard Instructor Help Topic Article or use this Step-by-step guide with examples and screenshots below:

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Mergomg existing separate sections into one of the existing sections creates a parent/children relationship between the Blackboard courses. When this happens, the child courses are no longer available to the instructor and students.

In this example, the request is to merge sample_course_sections 1 & 2 into sample_course_ section 3.

Special Notes:

  • Section 3 will be referred to as the Parent course and sections 1 & 2 will be referred to as the Child courses.

  • After sections 1 & 2 (Child courses) have merged into section 3, they will no longer be available to the instructor or students.
    They will only have access to the (Parent course) section 3.

From the Blackboard Administrator Panel, in Courses, Search for and locate the courses to merge.

Hover the mouse over the right side of the COURSE ID 333333, then Click the Down-Arrow

Click the Down-Arrow to display the Options Menu

Click Edit on the Options Menu

Scroll down in Course Settings screen

Click the box to the right of Select Courses to Merge

Click the Browse Button to search for the child courses by name, then Click the Go Button

Scroll Down, Click the Check Boxes to select the Child courses (Course ID 111111 & 222222) that will be merged into the
Parent courses (Course ID 333333), then Click the Submit Button

 Scroll Down and Click the Submit Button to proceed and complete the Merge

In this example, the request is to separate sample_course_sections 1 & 2 from being merged with sample_course_ section 3.

Click the Down-Arrow on a Child Course to display the Options Menu the then Select Separate

On the Separate page, Select the option Remove Parent Enrollments, then Click Submit to proceed

Click the OK Button

Repeat this process to separate any remaining Child courses

For additional assistance, contact the CITAL Help Desk.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.