Create a Blackboard Sandbox Course


A sandbox course can be considered as a “playground” in Valpo's learning management system (LMS) Blackboard. Instructors oftentimes use sandbox courses to experiment with assignments, assessments, course formatting, and/or different settings that are available to them in the LMS. Instructors can choose to utilize their sandbox course as much, or as little, as they desire. A sandbox course is beneficial in the sense that it can serve as a training tool to enhance one's comfort level and knowledge of Blackboard.

Faculty will submit a ticket to the CITAL Help Desk to request a sandbox course.

  1. Click System Admin.

  2. Click Courses.

  3. Hover over Create Course and click New.

  4. In the Course Name field, provide a course name, ensuring that “Sandbox_” is the prefix (e.g. Sandbox_ProfessorSmith).

  5. In the Course ID field, provide a unique course ID, ensuring that “Sandbox_” is the prefix (e.g. Sandbox_ENG101Smith).

  6. Click Submit.

  7. Click System Admin.

  8. Click Courses.

  9. Search for the sandbox course based on the name that it was given.

  10. Click the gray chevron next to the Course ID and select Enrollments from the menu.

  11. Click Enroll Users.

  12. Browse for the person(s) who are being enrolled in the sandbox course.

  13. Select their Role for the course.

  14. Click Submit.