Assign Supervisor Proxy for Leave and Time Entry Approval

As a supervisor if you will be out of the office or otherwise need for a colleague to complete your responsibilities for payroll processing, you may assign Proxy access temporarily. The proxy will be able to approve time entry and leave requests until you revoke access.

Step-by-step guide

From the Self-Service Home page, select the Employee menu, and then the Employee Proxy menu.

  • Select the blue button to Add Proxy

  • Select the Proxy Type you want to assign
    • Time Approval or,
    • Leave Approval
  • Select a date range for the Proxy, you may leave the Revoke Date blank if it is to be indefinite
  • Type in the name of the person you wish to assign proxy (first name last name) to search
  • Select the correct person, then click Add Proxy
  • If you wish to assign BOTH Time and Leave Approval, complete the process once for each type

  • Their name will appear in the search box, confirm the name and click Add Proxy
  • Select the type of Proxy, Time Approval or Leave Approval

  • You may add more than one proxy, but each will have full authority to approve employee timecards on your behalf.

  • The person you have granted proxy to will receive an email notifying them of their proxy access

  • When you want to end proxy access, return to the screen and click the red X to the right of the person's name.

  • A green box will appear in the upper right corner letting you know that you have successfully removed the proxy access.

  • The person whose proxy you removed will receive a notification that their proxy access has changed.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.