Requesting Leave in Self-Service

Hourly employees request approval of Paid Leave (Vacation or Sick) through Self-Service. This guide provides detailed instructions for the following actions related to Paid Leave Requests:  

Please Read: When to Submit Leave Requests

Hourly employees may submit Paid Leave Requests using the process below prior to a pay periodFor example, if an employee is requesting paid leave for Wednesday, 5.1, they must request leave in Self-Service before the pay period of Sunday, 4.28-Saturday, 5.11. If the employee forgot to request Wednesday off, they will not use the process below. Instead, the employee will ask the supervisor for the day off and log the leave hours on their timecard. The Supervisor will approve the leave via the bi-weekly timecard approval process.  

How to Submit a Paid Leave Request 

1. Log into Self-Service (be sure you are logged into your Google account first)

 Sign In - Ellucian Student Application - TESS1.png

2. Select the Employee menu, and then the Leave menu

3. Remaining Leave Balances will show under the beach umbrella (Vacation) and the bandage (Sick)


The balances reflect leaves taken in pay periods that have been processed by Payroll. Leaves that have not been paid yet are not reflected in this balance. 

4.Select the blue Request Leave button to begin a request

5. Select the Leave Type

6. Select the leave date(s) by using the Start Date and End Date fields

NOTE: For a single day, enter the same date in both the Start Date and End Date fields

7. Enter the hours of Leave you wish to use for each day you are requesting Leave. A standard day is 8 hours.

Note: The Leave Request does not ask for times for a partial day of leave. Please add that in the comments for your supervisor's reference (i.e., "On this half day I'd like to work from 1-5 p.m., if possible. Thank you")

If you are not ready to submit the Leave request for Supervisor Approval, click Save

The Draft note will appear next to the request. This Leave is now in draft form. If you decide to request the Leave, click on the draft and submit it.

8. To Submit your request for supervisor approval, click the Submit icon

9. A submitted Leave Request will have a blue Submitted note next to the request


10. After supervisor review and approval, the Leave will have a green Approved note next to it

11. The Requested and Approved Leave is deducted from your balance AFTER it is paid

How to Unsubmit a Paid Leave Request (Before the Leave is Approved)

1. Click the date on the Submitted Leave panel

2. Click Unsubmit. The Leave is now in draft form.

NOTE: Supervisor Notifications

Supervisors receive a notification when leave is unsubmitted.

3. Now that the Leave Request is in draft form, the date and time may be edited and resubmitted, or it can be deleted   

To edit the draft form, make the selections for your leave and click Submit to submit the changes 

To delete, click delete and confirm. The deleted leave request does not appear on the list of Outsanding Leave Requests.

How to Withdraw an Approved Paid Leave Request

Withdrawing a leave request can only be done up to the week the current pay period begins. Once the pay period has begun, leave requests cannot be modified. 

1. Click on the Approved Leave you would like to withdraw

2. Click Withdraw

3. Enter a reason for the withdraw

4. Click Withdraw

5. The phrase, "Withdrawal sent for approval" appears on the top right of screen. This indicates the request has been submitted and the supervisor notified. 

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.