Review your Total Compensation Statement

The Total Compensation Statement in Self-Service allows employees to view an annualized estimate of their direct and indirect compensation from the university. This tool presents an annualized calculation of total compensation, based on the salary data provided, and the elections currently on file for an employee (withholding, retirement contribution percentage, health and other benefit elections.)

Not for W-2 or Tax Calculation

The summary does not replace W-2 forms or other income tax related information and is not intended for use in tax preparation.

Step-by-step guide to view your Total Compensation Statement

Log into DataVU Self-Service using your ValpoNet username and password. This link will take you directly to the Total Compensation page after login.

  1. To navigate to the page if already logged in to Self-Service, 
    1. Select Employee, then Total Compensation Statement
  2. Estimated Annual Pay will reflect your annualized salary or wages.
    1. Stipend amounts are shown on the Stipend History page (e.g. Adjunct Faculty pay or other stipend positions separate from your primary role)
  3. Benefits include both the Employee Cost, and corresponding Employer Cost
  4. Taxes represent the amount deducted from your paycheck (Employee Cost) and the amount the University pays on your behalf (Employer Cost)

 All of these amounts are totaled at the bottom in the Total Compensation Value (Stipends Excluded)


For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.