DataVU Updates and Changes

Over the next several months the University portal that we all know and love, DataVU, will be undergoing a makeover as we transition to the new Self-Service platform. The features and services you are accustomed to will still be available, just with a new look and feel (and some new functionality!) If you're new to Valpo, DataVU is the portal students use to access things like Academic Information, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Parking, and Tax Forms. Faculty and Staff access all of this as well as things like Pay Advices, Course Rosters, and Leave Requests. At this time, all services will still be accessed via the website.

This page will serve as a central resource for learning about the latest changes and addressing Frequently Asked Questions. If you are having trouble accessing any of your services, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

 Upcoming Changes and Related Articles:

April 2020

Past Updates

  • Financial Aid moved to Self-Service platform
  • HR - Earnings Statements moved to Self Service Platform
  • Registrar - Graduation Application

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I need to set up access for my parent or guest user again in the new Self-Service platform?

Yes, you will need to reauthorize your parent or guest (proxy) users in Self-Service. Find the directions here.


Will my parent or guest user need a new username and password?

No. Your parent or guest (proxy) will still use the same login and password that they previously used for DataVU access. They will be prompted to change their password the first time they login in Self-Service. 


Will my parent or guest user still need a separate username and password to access my Student Account?

No. Good news! On the new platform your parent or guest (proxy) user will have one username and password to access all of your student information, including student account billing and payments.

WebAdvisor functions to migrate

alumni account request(?)


Function/NameHow it will be replacedDate for replacement
cumulative loan report

misc. balance listing

Register/Add/Drop/Wait Lists

Transfer Database

Course Withdrawal after Add/Drop

Change in Enrollment Status -

Withdrawal From All Classes

class schedule

student restrictions

my online directory options

diploma request

Order an Official Transcript

housing and meal plan

parking self service

Fitness Center Registration

Address and Phone Update

Demographic Update

Preferred First Name Request

Bank Information (Reimbursements ONLY)

NSC login


Function/NameHow it will be replacedDate for replacement

Class roster

  • customized "inside" the process - level 2 or 3

Class schedule

  • same as class roster, used for BBLS and mailing list

advising confirmation

Course waitlist inquiry

Unsatisfactory Academic Performance

4wk Freshman (avail 6-24 days after FA/SP term start)

NCAA Student Report (Fall, Spring)

Verify Attendance


Function/NameHow it will be replacedDate for replacement
Office & Emergency Phone Information

Health Savings Account Bank Information

End rogue sessionUI form XENDRS3/16/2021
HSA Calculator (link to Google Sheet)Move link to Self-Service

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