Getting Started - New Online Students

Are you a new online student at Valpo? The answers to the common questions below will help you get started on the right foot.

Step 1: Change Your Password Through the Account Management System

Once you're enrolled in an online degree program, you'll receive a message (at the email address you used on your application) containing your ValpoNet username and a temporary password. This information will be needed to start the process of setting up your access to Valparaiso University technology.

Your ValpoNet credentials consist of a single username and password that synchronizes your password across multiple accounts and opens online access to a wide range of information technology services at Valparaiso University. 

The Account Management System (AMS) is a self-serve utility that allows you to change your password once it expires, or to recover from a forgotten password at your convenience. Here are instructions for changing your password and setting up your recovery options. You can access the AMS using a web browser at

Step 2: Using Your Own Computer

While we don't expect you to bring a brand new laptop or device to campus, we will be best suited to help if you have an up-to-date OS. Please don't feel the need to splurge on something expensive! If there is something required for a course, you will have access to that same software in one of our campus computer labs!  You can access that software through our Remote Labs. This feature allows you to log into a campus computer and use its software programs while still being at home!

Step 3: Gmail@Valpo

Valpo provides Google G Suite accounts for admitted students. Your email addresses is in the format of, and uses the legal first and last name provided on your registration paperwork.

Access the Gmail@Valpo login page by going to Enter your full Valpo email address with your ValpoNet password.

Step 4: Canvas & Blackboard Learn

Canvas and Blackboard Learn are Valpo's online course management systems, allowing learning to expand beyond the classroom. Your professors may use either system in your courses.

You can access Blackboard Learn using a web browser at You'll need to know your ValpoNet credentials.

More information on the Blackboard Learn course management system is found here>

Canvas information is coming soon. 

Step 5: File Storage

Your Google account provides you with unlimited space for storing your files. You can also use a flash drive or the OneDrive space associated with your free Office 365 account.

We also use a system of Microsoft Active Directory file storage servers to grant shared file storage space (S: drive) on our network, which may be utilized in your courses. WebStorage is a web-based method of accessing network file servers from off campus. You can access WebStorage through a web browser at

Step 6: Library Databases

The Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources offers free access to diverse databases. Access to library databases is also available through the Christopher Center's website at Accessing library databases from off-campus requires you to enter your ValpoNet credentials.

More information on library databases>

Step 7: DataVU

DataVU is the system that provides access to class registration, academic records (such as grades and transcripts), student accounts, and much more. You can contact the Registrar’s Office if you need help on using DataVU to access your academic program information. You can access the DataVU system using a web browser at You'll need to know your ValpoNet credentials.

If you'd like to opt-out of listing your name in the online campus directory:

  1. Login to DataVU
  2. Go to the Students menu
  3. In the Academic Profile section, select the “My On-Line Directory Options” link and follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 8: Free and Discounted Software

Current Valpo students may purchase software for personal use at a discounted price through the "On The Hub" e-store from Kivuto Solutions. Valid ValpoNet credentials required to access the store, located at The purchase of one software license of each product is available to each authorized person.

More information on the "On The Hub" e-store>

In addition, all current students get free access to Office 365 while enrolled at Valpo. A valid Valpo email address is required.

More information about Office 365>

Step 9: Get Help

The Help Desk is your first point of contact for any technology related issues or questions you may have. Staff can assist with most challenges you may encounter on your personal computer, whether Mac or PC. They can solve many different connectivity and software related problems, and will connect you with the right people if you are experiencing trouble with campus technology. The Help Desk is open 7 days a week and is located on the first floor of the Christopher Center across from Grinders coffee shop.

The IT website or this knowledge base should be your first stop to find help online, anytime, anywhere about Valparaiso University’s technology tools for learning.

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Still need help?

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.