FAQ - Software Discounts for Students

Curious about the software you'll need, and whether discounts are available? We've got you covered.

Do I need anti-virus or anti-malware software?

Yes, anti-virus software should be installed on your personal computer, configured to automatically update, and scheduled to run regular scans. You're welcome to install either a free or subscription-based anti-virus suite.

Anti-malware / anti-spyware software, or a security suite which provides similar functionality, is also recommended. Enable your computer’s firewall for additional protection.

Need help selecting something? Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

NOTE: Do not run multiple anti-virus programs on the same machine. More is NOT better in this instance, because they'll cause software conflicts and leave you with no protection.

Do you offer Microsoft Office?

Yes! Office 365 is available free of charge to all students, faculty, and staff on up to five computers, five tablets, and five smartphones.

If you choose to purchase a version of Microsoft Office for your personal computer using an educational discount, select version 2016 or newer for Windows or Mac.

Additionally, all students are provided with a Gmail@Valpo account, including Google Drive functionality and storage space.

NOTE: Don't install the downloadable versions of Office 365 on any University-owned computers that already have Office 2016 installed. The two versions will conflict with each other and neither will work.

Are other software titles available?

Yes! Valpo students, faculty, and staff can purchase a variety of discounted software for personal use through the On The Hub e-store by Kivuto Solutions. A valid ValpoNet login is required to access the store at https://valpo.onthehub.com. The purchase of one software license of each product is available to each authorized person. Once purchased, software cannot be returned and refunds cannot be given. Applications available through the On The Hub e-store include titles by Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Corel, Nero, VMWare, Norton, and many more.

The products available through the e-store are for use on personally-owned equipment only and should not be used on University-owned equipment.

Still need help?

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.

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