FAQ - Term Definitions for Reporting

What are the term naming conventions and what do they mean?


What are the standard ACADEMIC TERMS? These are terms in which academic courses are offered.


  • Fall
    • YYYYFA = Fall full academic term (e.g., 2025FA)
    • YYYYFB1 = Fall I term for MBA (e.g., 2025FB1)
    • YYYYFB2 = Fall II term for MBA (e.g., 2025FB2)
  • Spring
    • YYYYSP = Spring full academic term 
    • YYYYSB1 = Spring I term for MBA
    • YYYYSB2 = Spring II term for MBA
  • Summer
    • YYYYSMR = Summer full term 
    • YYYYS1R = Summer I term
    • YYYYS2R = Summer II term

What are the standard REPORTING TERMS? These are the 'roll-up' terms that include all sub-terms within an academic term. These are most commonly used with Informer reports, and for University-level reporting. Most users will need the Academic Terms.

  • Fall
    • YYYYF which includes:
      • YYYYFA
      • YYYYFB1
      • YYYYFB2
  • Spring
    • YYYYS which includes:
      • YYYYSP
      • YYYYSB1
      • YYYYSB2
  • Summer
    • YYYYSS which includes ALL summer terms:
      • YYYYSS
      • YYYYSMR
      • YYYYS1
      • YYYYS2
    • YYYYS1 which includes: 
      • YYYYS1R
    • YYYYS2 which includes: 
      • YYYYS2R 

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