FAQ - Bringing Devices to Campus

Curious about bringing devices to campus? Or what the minimum requirements are? We've got you covered.

See also the FAQ page about software.

Can I bring a device to campus?

Yes! You can bring a computer, smartphone, tablet, e-reader, gaming console, printer - pretty much anything you need or want.

When considering peripheral devices such as printers, speakers, docks, external hard drives, etc., take residence hall desk space into account.

You may not want to bring a printer, since it takes up valuable desk space, and you get a print quota to use in the labs. If you do bring a personal printer, it should plug directly into your computer via USB connection. Wireless printing is not permitted on our network due to interference with the campus wi-fi network.

Can I connect it to wi-fi?

Yes! If it can connect to the internet, you should be able to register it for campus wi-fi access. Instructions are available here: Connect to Campus Wi-Fi - STUDENTS, FACULTY, STAFF

If you have any trouble, contact the IT Help Desk.

What are the minimum requirements?

The best computer for you is ultimately based on variables like your budget, usage habits, and your field of study. We recommend buying the best configuration you can afford to maximize its lifespan. The list below is our suggestion for better performance, but computers with lower specifications should still work.

  • Intel Core i5 processor (quad core) or better
  • 8GB RAM or more
  • solid-state hard drive with 256GB (or more)
  • operating system: Windows 10 (64 bit encryption), or Mac OS: 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer
  • 802.11 N wireless card or better (5GHz or faster recommended)
  • 100mbps network card or faster, with RJ-45 cable (optional, for wired connections)
  • at least one USB port

Some programs -- such as the College of Engineering, and College of Nursing and Health Professions -- may have their own equipment or software requirements that differ from these. For example: a Chromebooks and iPads are inadequate for CONHP students due to software installation requirements for Examplify/Examsoft used for testing. Consult your program director with questions about your program's needs.

Should I get a service plan?

Yes, we recommend that you purchase a support and/or damage plan for your equipment, ideally a multi-year agreement for the best coverage. Due to liabilities and warranty restrictions, IT staff members are not permitted to perform hardware repair work on personally-owned equipment.

Do I need anti-virus or anti-malware software?

Yes, anti-virus software should be installed on your personal computer, configured to automatically update, and scheduled to run regular scans. You're welcome to install either a free or subscription-based anti-virus suite.

Anti-malware / anti-spyware software, or a security suite which provides similar functionality, is also recommended. Enable your computer’s firewall for additional protection.

Need help selecting something? Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

NOTE: Do not run multiple anti-virus programs on the same machine. More is NOT better in this instance, because they'll cause software conflicts and leave you with no protection.

Is there anything I can't bring?

Yes. Don't bring your own wi-fi router, a server, or anything that broadcasts its own wi-fi signal (like a wireless printer). These things interfere with our campus network and we'll need to disable their access. Read the Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

Do you offer any discounts on hardware or equipment?

IT has collaborated with a few vendors to simplify taking advantage of educational discounts when purchasing equipment for personal use. You are not required to use these vendors; you may purchase any equipment you prefer. Discounted equipment purchases are available from these vendors, as well as others.

CDW-G, one of our vendors, has put together a web portal to allow students to take advantage of consortium pricing when shopping for computers and accessories; the link is above.

Many computer manufacturers offer discounted pricing benefits to students, faculty, and staff at educational institutions. When you’re shopping, remember to ask if they offer an educational discount. Many do offer such discounts and do not require any special agreement with Valpo.

Still need help?

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.

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