Schedule Building Adjustable Fields Reference Guide

There is a lot of information stored on the SECT screen. Each field impacts many other screens and if the wrong fields are adjusted it can negatively impact the students transcripts, degree audits, and institutional accreditation. We have compiled an adjustable fields reference guide that indicates what fields can be updated on the SECT screens. We appreciate your partnership on entering our schedule of classes.

Here is what each color boxes on the photos indicates:

  • Green: These are fields that can be adjusted by staff and faculty outside the Registrar's Office.
  • Yellow: These fields can only be adjusted for certain courses.
  • Blank: These fields cannot be adjusted by anyone outside the Registrar's Office.

If you have any questions about adjusting any fields please email

Main SECT Screen

  • The only fields that need to be updated on the main SECT screen are the Section and Term. Please note that these two fields cannot be changed once the section is created.
  • You can adjust the status of a course if you need to cancel it.
  • The Min/Max/Incr field can be adjusted only if the course is a variable credit course.
  • The Short Title can be updated if the course is a topics course. If you think your course needs the title changed but it is not a topics course, please email for help with adjusting the title.

Faculty Assignment

  • The faculty information fields can all be adjusted.

Offering Info

  • The Instructional Method fields can be adjusted.
  • The Building and Room fields should only be adjusted if you are assigning a room to a lab course or other course that can only take place in one room. If you need to adjust your room assignment after a room has been assigned please email Please note that updating a room assignment using these fields does not update your EMS reservation.
  • The Start Time, End Time, Days of Week, Start Date & End Date fields can all be adjusted. Please note that these fields cannot be adjusted after registration has begun. If you need to make any changes to these fields after registration begins please email


  • The Section Capacity, Schedule Capacity, and Minimum Enrollment fields can all be adjusted.
  • If you think the Instructor Consent or Petition Required fields need to be adjusted please email To keep consistency with catalog, these fields cannot be adjusted by anyone outside the Registrar's Office.

Billing Info

  • The Billing Credits field can be updated if your course is offered as variable credits. This field should only be updated to ensure the Billing Credits matches the credit amount the section is being offered as.


  • The Global Capacity can be adjusted.
  • Cross-Listed Sections can be added and the Primary Section can be adjusted.

Additional Info

  • The Printed Comments field can be adjusted if you have notes you need to make available on Self-Service.