Find a student document in Perceptive Content

How to look up a previously reviewed document for a student (Registrar Forms) using Perceptive Content

Step-by-step guide

Log into Perceptive Content here: 

  • From the Document Views list, select REG - Advisor Document Search click the down-arrow and select the Filter you would like to use, the options are:
    • By Document Type - current user advisees.
      • This returns all of a specific document type for advisees of the currently logged in user
    • By Student ID#
      • Returns all Registrar documents for the student selected by Valpo ID#
      • If the student's ID is fewer than 7 digits, use leading zero(s). e.g. ID 123456 should be 0123456
    • By Student Name/Doc Type
      • Returns a selected document type for the selected student
    • By Student Name
      • Returns all Registrar documents for the student selected by name
      • Name format is Last, First - you may enter a partial last name. e.g. McGillicuddy, Molly you could enter just McGi 

  • If you would like to restrict your search to a specific document type, select one from the drop-down. You may leave the document type blank and search by the student instead.

  • Enter the student's name in the second box, beginning with the last name. You may type just the beginning of the last name to start your search.

  • Select the document you want to review from your search results by clicking to open. If you wish to filter further or modify your search, click the blue Search button to change your selections.

  • Once the document is opened, you can use the toggle buttons in the upper-right-hand corner to select the type of view.
  • The back arrow in the upper-left-hand corner will return you to the list of documents from your search.

The Green H icon in the upper left corner will return you to the Main Menu