Proxy Permission Definitions

What may be shared with someone granted Proxy Access by a student?

Reference document for university staff and faculty to define what is included when a student grants proxy access to another user (e.g. parent/guest access.)

A student's Proxy Permissions will appear at the bottom of the Overview Tab in StarfishIf the student has NOT granted any permissions, the Proxy Permission line will not appear at all.

The Codes in the table are hyperlinked to more complete definitions below.


Type of Permission

Office/Dept Responsible for Data

FAALOffer LetterFinancial Aid
FACLFinancial Aid HomeFinancial Aid
FAMAMy AwardsFinancial Aid
FAOAFA Outside AwardsFinancial Aid
FARDFA Required DocumentsFinancial Aid
FASAPSatisfactory Academic ProgressFinancial Aid
TITax InformationFinance/Student Accounts
XQEPRXPayment Plan & BillingFinance/Student Accounts

Core Notifications - These are account holds, also referred to as student restrictions.  There are numerous possible values.  Not all of the restrictions that appear impact the students’ ability to register for classes.  Among those notifications that do impact that ability:

  • ADVISING - A student with an outstanding advising hold.  Only the advisor can remove this by placing an end-date on the restriction
  • STUDENT ACCOUNT BALANCE - There are TWO different restrictions that are reviewed in the overnight processing.   
    • Student Accounts Balance>$3000 - This will prohibit registration
    • Student Accounts Balance<$3000 - This will allow registration, but will prohibit release of transcripts and enrollment verifications
  • CONTACT HEALTH CENTER - Either the student has not submitted their required records or have not paid for services rendered.
  • There are other codes that may be placed on a students’ account by Student Affairs, Finance Office, Registrar or Graduate Studies.  The descriptions on the screen will provide the student and their proxy with the instructions as to how to research the specific issue.
  • Common Student Restrictions or Account Holds, including descriptions and contact information

Financial Aid - ”Financial Aid Home” - This is the “cover page” for all of the Financial Aid options allowing the proxy to have a single page to go back to in order to view other information.

Financial Aid - “My Awards” - This is a grid-view of the awards shown on the Offer Letter.

Financial Aid - “Outside Awards” - If the student is reporting they received a scholarship from an outside source (like the local Kiwanis club), those would be listed here.

Financial Aid - “ Required Documents” - Prior to the Financial Aid funds being disbursed to the student’s account, there are usually required documents that need to be received and reviewed by the Financial Aid office.  All requirements are specifically listed on the form showing their status (received, waived, pending, not received). 

Financial Aid - “Satisfactory Academic Progress” - This is NOT the same as the registrar’s office review of the students academic record.   This “SAP” is based on credits earned

Student Academics - “Grades” - This is the only academic record currently available in Proxy.  This is also not exactly the same view as the student sees in Self Service.   The actual course schedule (courses only, not faculty or day/time information) and grades for Final and Mid-Term grades are the same presentation.   Under the student’s view, they also see their non-term course work which includes Test Scores and AP Credits earned.  That information does not appear for the Proxy.

Tax Information - “W2” - If the student had a campus job, the W2 will appear once the Finance Office has completed their processing.   Historical records are available.  The presentation is a copy of the actual form.  These are automatically mailed to the students’ home address when the Finance office completes their review usually by the end of January.

Tax Information - “1098T” - There is a separate tab on the Tax Information page for the student 1098T.  This is the tax information for the qualified payments and expenses for a student account.   The onus is on the taxpayer to review and certify that the information on this page is correct for their tax situation.  Numerous changes have been made by the federal government on the reporting of specific data points and VU does not offer tax advice.

Student Finance - “Payment Plan and Billing” - This allows the proxy to access the NelNet payment processing view of the student account.  They can view the account balance, review all of the individual charges, make a payment and set-up a payment plan within the parameters set by VU student account office for timing.