Academic Advisor - Using Informer Reports for Student Information

Academic Advising requires the user to have information about the student.  A quivver of reports have been created to standardize the outflow of information to make it useful.  The Triggering point of these reports is the Assignment  "with no end date" on the STAD form in Colleague.  That data entry is managed by the Office of the Registrar at the direction of the Deans / Department Chairs for the academic units

Name of ReportSelection CriteriaData PointsPurpose
Advisee List CHANGESBy Advisor ID, all Advisement relationships that have STARTED or ENDED in the past 7 days.  Scheduled report, runs as requested by advisorChange Date, Username for Blackboard, Student demographics with major, minor and email contact information
Advisee List with Active RestrictionsBy Advisor ID, all active Advisement relationships where the student has some Active Restriction / Hold on their accountFaculty name and advising type.  Student Demographics, and the restriction on the student account with description and start date.
Advisee Report - Final Grades by TermBy Advisor ID, all active Advisement relationships where the user of the report enters a specific TERM to review final grades on all assigned students or can optionally see all final grades for all Advisee StudentsAdvisor ID, Type, Student name, Term, Section Name, Final Grade. CUM Gpa. and active majors.
ALL Advisee ListBy Advisor ID, all active Advisement relationshipsStudent name, Start Term, Class Year, Demographics, contact information, all active majors and minors, Major Advisor and NCAA team participation
ALL Advisee list with Student Types and MoreBy Advisor ID, all active Advisement relationshipsSame as ALL Advisee list, plus lists ALL advisors and the various Student Types with descriptions

CAS - For Student Program Saved List for BEVL ________ adviseesSelects Active Student Program records based on active student advisement records for the advisorStudent Program ID key needed to create a "SavedList" upon export to run the BEVL - Batch Student Evaluation Processes.  
DA Block Work - Looking for MAJOR GPARelies on the BEVL processing, user will have to know who ran the BEVL and the date it was completed.Returns all "Student Degree Audit Evaluations" based on the previous criteria showing only the GPA Needed and Earned for any Academic Requirement Block listed as a 'Major Requirement'
DA Remaining Coursework - by AdvisorRelies on the BEVL processing, user will have to know who ran the BEVL and the date it was completed.Returns all "Student Degree Audit Evaluations" based on the previous criteria, showing Unfulfilled  requirements with course requirements.   This is a MESSY report because of the various levels of course requirements "Take one of Many" and "Take This".  This report has proven to be useful for some department chairs who are future-casting needs for seats in upcoming sections for upcoming terms.   
Advisee List with Active Restrictions, Accommodations and Registration TimesUses the OLD (still used) Web Registration Group Files to select students and their advisorsReturns the advisor and students with the advising time the students have been assigned.  Provides additional information about any AARC Accommodations and if the student has any active holds/restrictions that would inhibit registering for classes.
CAS - Current Students not yet registered for next term - By MAJOR / MINORPrompts for Either Major, Minor or Advisor ID; and a future TERM to excludereturns student demographics for students meeting the selection criteria but have NOT registered for the term listed in the prompt.

Informer Security setup:     Users will need to be assigned to these security groups in INFORMER.

College of Arts and Sciences

CAS Advisors

Core Buildings and Rooms

Core Institutions Attended

Core Person Address Relations

Student GPA Access

Student Academic Records

Dashboard users and Savedlist User ~these are both administrative setup requirements

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