Find Student's Pronouns

It is imperative for the cultivation of a safe and respectful atmosphere that faculty and staff respect the identity of all students. Recognizing a student’s pronouns is just as important as recognizing their name; it is a crucial piece of their core identity. Please see this infographic for more information about the importance of proper pronoun recognition.
It is up to individual students whether or not they wish to disclose their pronouns. If a student adds their pronouns, their decision is not set in stone; they can make changes when registering for classes.

Resources for faculty, advisors, and other student support staff to find a student's pronouns

Course Roster in Colleague Self-Service (DataVU)

  • From the Faculty Menu, select the course you wish to view
  • Within the Roster, the students' pronouns are listed beneath their names


If you export the roster to a .csv, the pronouns are not currently included in the export.

Course Roster in Blackboard Learn

  • Students' pronouns will be appended to the end of their preferred first name, for example, Bobbi (they/them/their) Beacon.

Student Attributes in Starfish

  • A student's pronouns will be the first attribute listed

Colleague UI

  • Pronoun can be found using the ABIO mnemonic, which can be detailed into from the BIO screen.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.