Examplify Test-Taker's Checklist

ExamSoft is an extremely robust resource. Students should take care to run through the following check list the day before each exam, while paying close attention to a couple of items that need to be addressed immediately before taking their exams.

The Day Before a Test:

  • Run Windows Update. If students proactively update Windows before an exam, it will reduce the chances that it will update on the student unexpectedly. Unexpected updates could result in the Examplify Service stopping on the Windows device.

  • Type in “Services” in the Windows search field in the taskbar and open the resulting desktop app. This can be placed in the taskbar permanently by right-clicking the app and selecting “Pin to Taskbar.”

  • To restart the service:

    1. Open the Services Desktop App and determine if the Examplify Service must be restarted.

    2. Open the Examplify software and update if necessary. All updates to Examplify should occur prior to exam day. Updates include important bug fixes, but the download and installation process of a software update could take up to ten minutes during an exam if waited on until the last minute.

    3. Find the Examplify Service in the list of available services. If it is not running, double-click it, and click “Start” in the resulting window.

The Day of a Test:

  • Open the Services Desktop App and determine if the Examplify Service must be restarted. See the instructions immediately above for restarting the service.
  • TURN OFF ALL ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE – follow ExamSoft’s software-specific instructions.
  • Open Examplify. If prompted to update software, please postpone update until after the exam.

Still need help?

Contact Examplify directly for support at 866.429.8889.

CONHP students, faculty, and staff can contact the Associate Director of Technology for assistance.

Law School students, faculty, and staff can contact the Administrator of Academic Services for assistance.