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Make sure you've first connected your device to the secure campus wi-fi before attempting to connect to a Solstice Pod. Guests without VU login credentials will need to connect to campus wi-fi and go through the guest registration process before you can connect to the Pod.


Meeting Options:

  • Multi-room functionality is not enabled right now.- Join two pods together. (overflow spaces)

  • Moderated = no one can join the session unless you approve it.

  • Password-protected = the organizer provides the password to only those they want to join the session.


  • If you wish to share your whole desktop, select "Desktop." If you just want to share a specific app window or browser tab, open it and then select "App Window" and navigate to your app/browser. See the note about Apple audio below in the "known issues" box 

  • If connecting with an Apple device you will need to connect to the pod and then connect via AirPlay to be able to share audio. If you just wish to share your desktop you may still do so without shared audio.
  • If you’d like to upload media files you can do so through the "Media file" option (i.e. multiple image/video files). There is no limit on the number of files you can share.

  • Once things are displayed on the screen you can “dock” them to the left in the dark “on-deck” bar. This allows you to keep the viewing screen more manageable if you have multiple items displayed. This can be done in the layout section of the app.


titleKnown Issues
  1. Certain apps may not work due to DRM & HDCP protections (such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, HBONow, Hulu, etc.). This is a copyright protection issue beyond IT’s control. Many YouTube videos will work, as long as they don't contain copyrighted material.
  2. Android mobile devices currently cannot share audio with the display screen. Solstice is working on a fix.
  3. Audio doesn't work on Apple devices through the sharing options noted above. Instead, connect via AirPlay with the 4-digit meeting code. Remember to disconnect from AirPlay as well as the pod when you are done.