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In certain situations, IT may ask if you would like them to remotely access your computer for assistance. What this means is that through an online, Google feature, IT could see your screen and temporarily take control, allowing them to better assist you with technical support.  You still see everything that they are doing, they just have the ability to see firsthand what you are seeing, in hopes of giving you the quickest support possible.


  1. Download Google Chrome. (Already using Google Chrome? Great, skip to step two!)
  2. Using Chrome as your web browser, go to and click the download button in the "Get Support" box. 
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  3. From there, a new window will appear asking you to "Add to Chrome" the Chrome Remote Desktop. Click the blue button on the right to begin the download.
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  4. Another pop-up will appear, asking if you would like to install the Chrome Remote Desktop to your device, click "install." (You may get one additional pop-up asking to install the app if so, click "install.")
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  5. Once the download is completed, you will be able to click the "Generate Code" button.
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  6. Once you have that code, send it to the technician you are working with. Please note that the code generated will only last for 5 minutes. **Before sharing your screen, you should ensure you do not have any private information open that you would not want the technician to see, as they will be able to see any tab that is open. This is true for any music or videos you're enjoying**
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  7. Once the technician has entered the code, your computer will then prompt if you want to access your computer. Press Share to begin your screen-sharing session and to turn over control to the technician. During the remote session, you can see everything the technician is doing and have the power to end the session at any time. 
  8. Once you are ready to end the session, please click the "Stop Sharing" button at the bottom of your screen. 
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